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> patrick andries wrote:
> > Good, no need to help thus.
> I didn't say that! Volunteers are desperately needed, they are blood of
> project, so if you are willing - you are welcome. Look at today's "New
> Developer Suggestion" thread, for example.

Okay, okay. I will have a look at it.

My own strengths are Unicode, i18n (I still believe you must understand what
you are doing and test the different scripts even if Java does most of the
job) and fonts (OpenType for instance(*)). I would like to help (not
alone...) give the best support in this area, but I'm willing to help
(slowly) in other areas in the mean time if the new code is not yet ready to
add these features. I will have a look at the todo list and the state of the
code and come back (privately) when I have some time.

Patrick Andries
(member of the Canadian character set committee
translator for the ISO JT/SC2/GT2)

(*) Does anaybody know how glyphs variants and ligatures (see the
substitution feature in Opentype) should be selected from fo ? I believe
there is currently no such mechanism. Should we wait until another version
of XSL-FO? Extensions ?

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