On Wed, 2002-10-23 at 16:00, Victor Mote wrote:
> FOP Developers:
> I am readying the first installment of the font refactoring work, and am
> wanting to make all reasonable efforts to make sure that this work doesn't
> break anything. I have the following questions about the automated testing:

Is this refactoring on branch? (I've probably missed some important
discussion so bear with me :)

> 1. The W3C tests are for standards compliance as opposed to regression
> testing. Am I correct in assuming that they are not relevant for the work I
> am doing? Or is it SOP to regression test against these as well?

Yes the w3c tests are for standards compliance but in theory it could be
used for regression testing if it was setup.
So far things have been moving to much to be able to develop the testing
any further.
I doubt the tests would check much beyond the basic fonts, I suppose it
depends what you are going to change.

> 2. Out of the box, the build.xml wants FOP 0.20.3. Since I am testing
> against some baseline jar file (I was planning on testing against the
> current maintenance branch cvs), is it OK to simply change the build.xml to
> the correct version, or am I missing something here?

The idea is that the tests are run against a version with an expected
result. If the new output is different and the test passed before then
there is a problem. This hasn't really been setup properly yet.

> Victor Mote

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