Keiron Liddle wrote:

> Is this refactoring on branch? (I've probably missed some important
> discussion so bear with me :)

I am not sure I understand your question. My current plan is to do the
refactoring on the maintenance branch, then bring it over to trunk when
complete. Otherwise, I am going to have difficulty testing it. If you are
asking whether the refactoring will be done on a branch from the maintenance
branch, that has not been discussed, but I have no objection to it, and it
might make things cleaner with the 0.20.5 release on the horizon.

> I doubt the tests would check much beyond the basic fonts, I suppose it
> depends what you are going to change.

My intention is to try to consolidate all of the font classes that are
floating around into a handful of more intuitive classes. For example, the
first installment eliminates the layout.FontInfo class and moves its
contents into static fields in new font.TypeFace and font.TypeFaceFamily
classes. Future installments will move almost all of layout.FontState into
font.FOPFont (or possibly font.Font), protect most of its innards, and
provide methods for working with those innards. (FontState has a
_letterSpacing field which, as far as I can tell, is outside of a Font
concept, so FontState will need to exist until I can find a better home for
that.) I also think most of the font-specific stuff that is in the render
package can be consolidated and simplified (and moved), but I haven't
grasped all of what is going on there yet. The ultimate purpose is to make
it easier to 1) follow what is going on, 2) add support for other font
sources, including OpenType and fonts registered at the OS level. In
general, I am trying to address some of what you wrote in your July 18 post
on this subject, as well as some of my own ideas.

> The idea is that the tests are run against a version with an expected
> result. If the new output is different and the test passed before then
> there is a problem. This hasn't really been setup properly yet.

Understood. Since I am going to be doing a fair amount of refactoring, does
it make sense for me to stop & work on the testing first, or do we generally
prefer to "field test"?

BTW, it is good to "hear your voice" again.

Victor Mote

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