On Mon, 2002-11-04 at 09:57, Victor Mote wrote:
> Jeremias Maerki wrote:
> > 1.0 as soon as possible. I'm grateful for Victor's work and I hope it
> > won't be a distraction. Because distractions may leave the focus of
> > potential co-developers on the maintenance branch even though the
> > redesign is already quite advanced.
> I'm aware that this is a concern. However, consider the following:
> 1. The layout redesign is not the only work that is needed before a 1.0
> release. If people can work on the other features in parallel with those who
> are working on redesign, then we get to 1.0 faster.

Wouldn't that work better under the same design prinicples and support
code. The branch does not have this.

> 2. As I understand it, there is maintenance code work that needs to be
> merged into the trunk anyway. This should accomplish that, again in parallel
> with the redesign. We don't want to have features in 0.20.4 that aren't in
> 1.0.

Only about 1 or 2 minor things that I know, is there a list of them
We are working on a 1.0 final, in the meantime we could do a developers
release that has less.

> 3. If we can get the code that should be common merged, then anyone who
> works on common code for the benefit of the maintenance branch must make
> sure that they haven't broken anything in the redesign along the way. This
> *might* expose them more to the redesign work.
> 4. If the old layout is as dead-end as I have been told (and I have no
> reason to doubt it), then *no one* will want to spend any time on the code
> that is specific to the maintenance branch only. People working on layout
> will do so in the redesign code, people working on anything else will do so
> in the common code. We can still quibble about whether people should be
> working on this or that, but at least everyone will be working on 1.0.

It comes down to resources, who will do all this.

> That is the theory anyway.
> Victor Mote

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