At 02:09 AM 11/6/02, you wrote:
I just went looking in the archives for this discussion & thought I saw
pieces of it, but could not find what I was looking for -- namely, what
theories you guys had proposed / agreed upon. This is related to the font
work that I have started, i.e. I assume that the problem is a difference
between metrics reported/used by the awt Font and those reported from our
parsed metrics files. If it is not too much trouble, do you mind recapping a
brief summary of where the issue stands now? Thanks.
Victor (and Oleg, Keiron)

I agree this should get summarized (and documented.) Presently, I am trying to systematically reproduce it here -- it may take another day or two, since the new JRE versions appear to behave differently (and still wrongly, it appears).
-- And, frankly, I'm totally confused by what I'm seeing today.

' Best,
-Ralph LaChance

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