On 20.11.2002 18:05:33 Bertrand Delacretaz wrote:
> I voted -1 on most TBD stuff, braces and spaces are not really important IMHO 
> and I think it's good that the style guide stays as small as possible.

Also my opinion, though I think some good advice and best practices are
not bad. We've had discussions about certain points every now and then.
That's why I've split the Java conventions into a MUST and a SHOULD part.
The MUST part is very small and establishes some hard rules. I'll try to
do the final layout in XML in a way that takes this into consideration.

By the way, due to common desire I added a few lines on exception
handling and a few other items that I found were agreed upon in recent
discussion. You can still put -1s where you don't like something I've
done. As soon as Jörg is back (because he started the discussion in
August) I'd like to hold a formal voting process for accepting the style
guide.  When all points are resolved I'll transform the Wiki page to XML.

Jeremias Maerki

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