FYI, I had a problem running FOP on my Mac OS X system. Here's the error I got:

[webmaestro-mac:Users/Shared/fop-0.20.4] clay% ./ -d -xml
"/Users/clay/Desktop/HuiBro/test_MIWC.xml" -xsl
"/Users/clay/Desktop/HuiBro/" -awt
Exception in thread "main" java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError:
        at org.apache.fop.apps.Fop.main(Unknown Source)
[webmaestro-mac:Users/Shared/fop-0.20.4] clay%
The information on the FOP FAQ was helpful in finding the problem, but was by no means enough. It ended up being a simple problem, but nonetheless was difficult for me to resolve.

The files were ZIP'd, and when they were unZIP'd using Stuffit Expander, the avalon JAR file's long filename was changed from:




Adding "ar" at the end of that filename, resolved the problem, and I am able to run FOP on my Mac. Unfortunately, it took a few days to figure out this problem.

Also, according to Apple's Developer Connection:

Java Home. Many Java applications require the identification of a "Java Home" directory during installation. The equivalent on Mac OS X should always be /Library/Java/Home. This is actually a symbolic link to the current installed J2SE version, and allows access to the bin subdirectory where command line tools such as java, javac, etc. exist as expected. The advantage of using this link, as opposed to its target, is that it will be maintained and updated when a new version of Java is downloaded via Software Update or installed with a newer version of Mac OS X. For this reason, it is important that developers do not install files below the Java Home, as the actual directory referenced by the link will be lost with subsequent updates when the link is updated.

I didn't see this in the FAQ, but I think it might be a good addition.


- Clay Leeds
- Web Developer

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