It is possible the latest StuffIt Expanders work properly for filenames longer than 31 
chars but it is a known problem.  OS X can use much longer filenames.  I include the 
following when I put up archives:

MacOSX Note: Don't use Stuffit to expand the archive. Use the following shell command 

  tar -xzf <source>.tar.gz

gunzip should work for a zip file also (I think).

>Clay Leeds wrote:
>> The files were ZIP'd, and when they were unZIP'd using Stuffit Expander,
>> the avalon JAR file's long filename was changed from:
>>    avalon-framework-cvs-20020315.jar
>> to:
>>    avalon-framework-cvs-20020315.j
>> Adding "ar" at the end of that filename, resolved the problem, and I am
>> able to run FOP on my Mac. Unfortunately, it took a few days to
>> figure out
>> this problem.
>First, thanks for the input. I'll be glad to update the FAQ, but I am a
>little confused about what to put into it. The file name was truncated after
>31 characters, which is too odd of a number to seem to have been done on
>purpose by StuffIt. What caused the filename truncation? Without
>understanding that, I am not sure how to help.
>> Java Home. Many Java applications require the identification of a "Java
>> Home" directory during installation. The equivalent on Mac OS X should
>> always be /Library/Java/Home. This is actually a symbolic link to the
>> current installed J2SE version, and allows access to the bin subdirectory
>> where command line tools such as java, javac, etc. exist as expected. The
>I am not a Mac guy, so please excuse my ignorance. Is this something that
>Mac people should already know? In other words, I wonder whether it is even
>appropriate to address this in FOP doc as it is primarily a sysadmin issue,
>or at least a Mac or Java issue. Also, what if /Library/Java/Home points to
>a 1.1 or 1.2 java runtime? If we tell the user to use that, then FOP doesn't
>work. Again, I am not sure what to recommend here.
>Victor Mote
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