Hi Patrick

That's great news! I'll be glad to help testing and integrating.

But one question: Why would you want to implement RC4 yourself? Wouldn't
it be better if we used (for example) bouncycastle.org's implementation
for that? They have an MIT licence which is compatible with the APL
AFAIK. You wouldn't have to do any debugging and testing on the
cryptography stuff that way.

On 10.01.2003 00:25:16 Patrick C. Lankswert wrote:
> Thanks for the reply. Outside of clean up, I have working code. It is
> limited since only PDF 1.3 is supported by FOP and I am currently using a
> non-commercial RC4 implementation. If I get the time, I could have it
> cleaned up in a week and a half. It might be a little longer if I go ahead
> and implement RC4 myself. I might need some help testing, but I already have
> it generating encrypted PDFs with and without passwords, permissions etc.

Jeremias Maerki

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