Hi Patrick

On 10.02.2003 06:17:26 Patrick C. Lankswert wrote:
> Ok... with two separate weekends of the stomach flu in my house, it took a
> little longer than I had hoped. However, I have a working copy of the V1 R2
> encryption with support for user and owner passwords, print, copy, content
> edit and annotation edit control written against v0.20.4. Some more QC and
> commenting and it will be ready for submission. I have command line control
> of options which are passed to the renderer via renderOptions. All
> encryption is support via bouncecastle's provider. Now a couple questions
> before I submit it.
> 1) Which version do the committers want this verified? 0.20.4 or 0.20.4rc?

Neither. We're already having 0.20.5rc and approaching 0.20.5. :-) You
should provide a unified CVS diff against the maintenance branch (CVS
tag "fop-0_20_2-maintain").

> 2) Where can I find some complicated fo files for transforming and testing?

There's only the examples in the FOP distribution. But I think you'll
find other examples when searching the mailing list archives.

> 3) Is anybody interested in helping to test this?

I'm concentrating on the redesign. I'd rather help there.

> 4) I would like to implement the PDF 1.4 version V2 for the fop redesign...
> is anybody interested?

Yup. Everything that brings the redesign forward is welcome.

Jeremias Maerki

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