Ok... with two separate weekends of the stomach flu in my house, it took a
little longer than I had hoped. However, I have a working copy of the V1 R2
encryption with support for user and owner passwords, print, copy, content
edit and annotation edit control written against v0.20.4. Some more QC and
commenting and it will be ready for submission. I have command line control
of options which are passed to the renderer via renderOptions. All
encryption is support via bouncecastle's provider. Now a couple questions
before I submit it.

1) Which version do the committers want this verified? 0.20.4 or 0.20.4rc?
2) Where can I find some complicated fo files for transforming and testing?
3) Is anybody interested in helping to test this?
4) I would like to implement the PDF 1.4 version V2 for the fop redesign...
is anybody interested?

Pat Lankswert

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Hi Patrick

Because still noone has started working on it? :-) It's one of the most
requested features. On the other side, iText seems to work for those who
want to add encryption.

Would you like to help? We can use all the help we can get.

On 09.01.2003 07:34:09 Patrick C. Lankswert wrote:
> I tried to determine the reason from the archives with clarity... but why
> isn't PDF encryption in the core?

Jeremias Maerki

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