Hi Jeff

I've applied your patches locally. Thanks. Everything's ok with the
first one, but with the second one I'm having problems (not your fault!):
- I had to add adjust the inline DTD of skinconf.xml to include the role
  <!ELEMENT credit (name, url, image, width?, height?)>
  <!ATTLIST credit role CDATA #IMPLIED>
- The credit element produces a rather ugly FOP logo. But that's
  probably more a FOP-internal thing. We probably need a customized
  little image for this. It should probably be something like:
        PDFs generated with
        <logo>   F O P

- Does anyone have the original logo (AI, CorelDraw, SVG etc.)??? I
  haven't found it anywhere.
- Do we like our current logo? :-)

I've commented out Jeff's credit element for the moment and will commit
the changes in a minute.

On 10.01.2003 15:45:11 Jeff Turner wrote:
> Running 'forrest validate' on CVS head, I get:
> validate-xdocs:
> Element type "code." must be declared.
> The element type "code." must be terminated by the matching end-tag
> "</code.>".
> Attached patch fixes this, and cleans up enumerated-values.xml a bit.
> Also, I've just modified Forrest so that the
> xml-fop/src/documentation/forrest.diff patch is no longer necessary.  To
> achieve the same effect, the second attached patch adds this to
> src/documentation/skinconf.xml:
> +    <credit role="pdf">
> +      <name>Created by: FOP 1.0dev</name>
> +      <url>http://xml.apache.org/fop/dev</url>
> +      <image>images/logo.jpg</image>
> +      <width>138</width>
> +      <height>31</height>
> +    </credit>
> The image, width and height fields are unused, but I put them there so
> users with pre-patched Forrests (which don't know about @role) don't get
> a broken link on the HTML front-page.

Jeremias Maerki

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