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- Do we like our current logo? :-)

Should admit I spent a couple of hours trying to implement my ideas about the logo (leading motifs were medieval typographic dropcaps and a parrot as (imho) the most foppish animal) but I'm too bad artist and the results were too ugly :)

What about a TeX-parody?
  +---      +--\
  |         |  |
  +-- /--\  +--/
  |  |    | |
  |  |    | |
     |    |

Colored as the current logo, or more in shades like the
Apache feather? (feather - part of a parrot - hmm)
Clare's designs (see previous post) were based on a quill inking in the "P" in a large "FOP" on a page which also contained Chancery-stle text in a smaller font. The quill was originally supposed to be a connection with the Apache feather, but apparently that particular feather "didn't work", and the Apache colours were too garish.

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