"Doing anything" is why I have volunteered to help integrate Peter's work.  It seems 
like the sort of thing I could do without excessive domain knowledge and like 
something I can do while I keep an eye on the layout system and while thinking about 
my other projects. ;)

BTW, does anyone here use Eclipse as their IDE?  I use it, and getting it to play nice 
with FOP's source hasn't been easy for me, so I thought I might ask around.

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On 23.01.2003 15:18:14 Rhett Aultman wrote:
> It is part of a reason, though it's not a primary reason.  The number
> one reason is that the area I have most understanding in is layout and
> it seems Keiron's setting the pace there, so I'm watching, waiting, and
> learning.  Anomalous document resolution and overconstraint relaxing,
> which is an area I'd like to develop out, is something that's still
> working nebulously in my mind and on the Wiki, especially since I think
> it will have to be grafted on to the layout system at hand, and I'm
> watching where things go with that.

Don't watch too long. :-) Doing anything already helps us.

> So I guess I'm saying I don't *NEED* R/W access.

I'm sure we will get annoyed by your sending tons of patches and vote
you in as a committer in no time. :-)

> As for my mail client...pretty much, yes, I am.  It's a standard at my
> company.  The only other option is for me to switch to my private email
> account and start using a web-based client.  If it's annoying people, I
> can.

It's a nice-to-have.

Jeremias Maerki

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