Just realize that I am, with the exception of my layout experience, a grunt.  I'm 
volunteering for this because I'm assuming that Peter has gotten the majority of the 
actual engineering out of the way and that helping incorporate his work isn't going to 
require massive amounts of domain knowledge.  If it does, it's going to take me longer 
than it'll take others.  I guess I'll know when the TODO list becomes available.

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On 23.01.2003 16:07:24 Rhett Aultman wrote:
> "Doing anything" is why I have volunteered to help integrate Peter's
> work.  It seems like the sort of thing I could do without excessive
> domain knowledge and like something I can do while I keep an eye on the
> layout system and while thinking about my other projects. ;)

That's fine. The leaves room for me to concentrate on Avalonization.

> BTW, does anyone here use Eclipse as their IDE?  I use it, and getting
> it to play nice with FOP's source hasn't been easy for me, so I thought
> I might ask around.

I use it. That's why I refactored the build in the redesign. There you
can have two source directories (src and build/gensrc) and you'll have
everything you need. For the branch this is not so simple as there is
still PDFGraphics2D.java that doesn't compile so easily. I've changed
this in the redesign to PDFGraphics2D.javat (t=template).

To build the build/gensrc directory, just call "build codegen".

Does that help?

Jeremias Maerki

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