Has anyone made or is making an effort to implement strokeSVGText==false
feature in PS renderning?

I don't want to reinvent wheel here, if no effort is there, I would like to
dive into this.

Whenever I talk to my collegures or boss about how wonderful FOP is for PDF
publishing, the feedback alway is "PS SVG sucks".

My goal is to make PS SVG rendering a decent one. Three things I wanted to
achieve, display right color stroke, Quadratic Bezier Curve and text
embedding. the first two are relatively easier, I have submitted two patch
#16182 and #16306. So far, colors, curves and text are displayed correctly
but the file size is huge when you have text in your SVG. This is because
the PS renderer actually draws text in SVG. I would like to implement a
strokeSVGText like feature in PDF here.

If any committer has this on his radar, that's a great news to me:-) ( Or
give me a boot )

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