On Thursday, January 23, 2003, at 07:32  PM, George Yi wrote:

Has anyone made or is making an effort to implement strokeSVGText==false
feature in PS renderning?
Not that I am aware of.

I don't want to reinvent wheel here, if no effort is there, I would like to
dive into this.

Whenever I talk to my collegures or boss about how wonderful FOP is for PDF
publishing, the feedback alway is "PS SVG sucks".
It was written quickly quite some time ago and has been waiting for someone to say "it sucks" :).

My goal is to make PS SVG rendering a decent one. Three things I wanted to
achieve, display right color stroke, Quadratic Bezier Curve and text
embedding. the first two are relatively easier, I have submitted two patch
#16182 and #16306. So far, colors, curves and text are displayed correctly
but the file size is huge when you have text in your SVG. This is because
the PS renderer actually draws text in SVG. I would like to implement a
strokeSVGText like feature in PDF here.
Thats great.

If any committer has this on his radar, that's a great news to me:-) ( Or
give me a boot )
This is an area that would be best tackled with the redesigned code as far as development is concerned. The handling of this issue in the redesign has improved quite a bit (but still has some issues left).

If you want it sooner then I can give you a few pointers.
The PDF renderer handles this issue in the same way that the PS renderer should handle it. Batik uses a concept of a GVT (graphics vector toolkit) that has a TextPainter that handles text. The default TextPainter is the StrokingTextPainter, when not stroking text it replaces this with a PDFTextPainter. The PDFTextPainter then draws the text using the drawString method instead of creating shapes and drawing them.
So for the PS renderer you will need to register a TextPainter in the same way which should do the same sort of thing as for the PDFRenderer.


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