Ok, as promised the PS renderer is setup as far as SVG output is
possible. I haven't gotten through to the Batik transcoder, yet, but
that's not necessary right now, anyway.

I'm still pretty confident that we will be able to use the code from the
redesign in the maintenance branch with relatively little work if that's

I've introduced a new class: PSGenerator. This class is the central
point where PostScript code is channeled through to the OutputStream.
That means that PSRenderer writes to PSGenerator and PSGraphics2D also
writes to PSGenerator. IMO PSGraphics2D should not call any methods on
PSRenderer. Commands used both in PSRenderer (for XSL-FO) and
PSGraphics2D (for SVG) should be implemented in PSGenerator. An example
here are saveGraphicsState() and restoreGraphicsState().

I hope that'll get you started. If you have any questions fire away.
I'll be glad to help. But I must say that I will be mostly away tomorrow
and next week from Monday to Friday.

On 23.01.2003 20:40:18 Jeremias Maerki wrote:
> Deal. I'll start setting up the basic infrastructure for it tomorrow. I
> hope we can get you started on this real fast. :-)
> On 23.01.2003 20:29:22 George Yi wrote:
> > Sounds attractive to me. I don't know how much dedication I can put into
> > this. My paid job has absolute No.1 priority. But if some committer take a
> > lead, I am certainly willing to help to implement some features.
> > Anyway, help me setup first. I can always learn something:-)

Jeremias Maerki

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