Sounds attractive to me. I don't know how much dedication I can put into
this. My paid job has absolute No.1 priority. But if some committer take a
lead, I am certainly willing to help to implement some features.
Anyway, help me setup first. I can always learn something:-)

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From: Jeremias Maerki [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]]
Sent: Thursday, January 23, 2003 1:08 PM
Subject: Re: strokeSVGText in Postscript format

On 23.01.2003 19:32:47 George Yi wrote:
> Has anyone made or is making an effort to implement strokeSVGText==false
> feature in PS renderning?


> I don't want to reinvent wheel here, if no effort is there, I would like
> dive into this.
> Whenever I talk to my collegures or boss about how wonderful FOP is for
> publishing, the feedback alway is "PS SVG sucks".
> My goal is to make PS SVG rendering a decent one. Three things I wanted to
> achieve, display right color stroke, Quadratic Bezier Curve and text
> embedding. the first two are relatively easier, I have submitted two patch
> #16182 and #16306. So far, colors, curves and text are displayed correctly
> but the file size is huge when you have text in your SVG. This is because
> the PS renderer actually draws text in SVG. I would like to implement a
> strokeSVGText like feature in PDF here.
> If any committer has this on his radar, that's a great news to me:-) ( Or
> give me a boot )

The problem is the following: FOP is being redesigned. Version 0.20.5
that will be released within the next days will most probably be the
last version based on the maintenance branch. The next version to be
released is planned to be 1.0dev based on the redesign code. So code you
develop for the maintenance branch will likely be discarded after the
1.0dev of out. Developing for the maintenance branch is a dead end.

What I propose you is the following:
Keiron developed a PDFTranscoder for Batik that renders SVG as PDF. The
same code is also used in the PDF renderer. I urge you to develop a
similar thing, a PSTranscoder for Batik, in the redesign (trunk in CVS).
We can then try to make sure that you can reuse that Transcoder in the
PS renderer in the maintenance branch if you absolutely need that. That
way we will avoid having to develop the whole thing twice. If you want I
can help you set up the whole thing. I wanted to restart on the PS
renderer anyway, just not that soon. But I can switch priorities.

How does that sound?

Jeremias Maerki

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