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On 01.02.2003 00:16:30 Peter B. West wrote:

Should we reserve a directory on the web site for storing diagrams which find their way into the Wiki?
+0. The other possibility is to put it in the public_html folder of your account.
Even though I don't have any appropriate tools for such at the moment, I should like the diagrams to be editable to the same extent as the text. I don't comprehend design discussions without diagrams. In order to do this, we need somewhere accessible, not necessarily on the web-site, to drop these things. Can they be fitted within the Wiki structure?
What about putting in the CVS svg files (Openoffice does them IIRC) and have Forrest publish them as PNG on the website? You could reference them from the space and have them updated every hour or so. Just another option.

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