Hi all,
I polished the FOP API proposal at
a bit. Everybody is invited to review and add content. The discussion
points are after the code near the end.

I think real discussion, with arguments and counterarguments, should
take place on the mailing list, and the Wiki should be used as a
whiteboard holding the facts and thoughts worth to remember.
If a discussion point from the wiki seems to be somewhat resolved on
the mailing list discussion, reformulate it and the associated
comments into appropriate sections, like code, DTD, renderer config
or rationales, then delete it and all associated comments rather
than keep it indefinitely in the wiki.

Please bolster arguments for adding stuff with appropriate use
cases, perhaps adding to the usage examples section.

I hope Keiron, Karen and Arved will surface for this discussion.
I'll also post an announcement on cocoon-dev.


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