On 05.02.2003 10:32:11 Klaas_Bals wrote:
> Let me first quickly introduce myself. The compay I work for, Inventive
> Designers, has a product called Scriptura, which is tool to work with XSLT
> and XSL-FO. Scriptura consists of a WYSIWYG designer for XSL stylesheets,
> and an Engine which does the processing (transformations, PDF generation
> etc). It is written in Java. For more info, see
> http://www.inventivedesigners.com/products/scriptura.html
> We are using FOP right now, but a lot of customers are asking for suppor
> tfor other XSL-FO formatters, which we encourage. However, right now we
> have to make a module for each of these XSL-FO formatters to access them
> using their proper APIs.
> We see the need for a uniform (Java?) API to access all (Java?) XSL-FO
> formatters, which ideally would become a part of the JAXP (Java APIs for
> XML processing).
> My opnion is that the Avalonized API does not qualify for a uniform API,
> because of too much of the Avalon components would have to become a part of
> this uniform API in order for it to be complete.
> Do you guys see this Avalonized API as the one an only and best way to
> access FOP, or are you interested in having a uniform API as well?
> Do you see this uniform API sitting on top of the Avalonized API?

That was my original idea, to build FOP on Avalon, provide an
Avalon-based API (for advanced users and Cocoon) but have a standard
easy-to-use API that's not Avalon-based. Unfortunately, the Wiki page
currently doesn't reflect this.

Have a look at the Morphos proposal in Jakarta Commons Sandbox. It's a
general-purpose transformation API. This could be a good start for a
uniform API.

> I must admit that I did not completely follow the discussion about the FOP
> API, altough I browsed the archives. I couldn't find the final conclusion
> on the decision to use the Avalon approach.

That's probably the concept of lazy concensus. Granted, Avalon has crept
into FOP over time. It has started with logging. But I'm pretty sure that
if we voted for Avalon today the majority of the committers would vote
+1. Avalon has a lot of benefits for us (which I'm sure you've already
come accross in the mailing list archives) and the Cocoon people (our
biggest customer) will love us for neatly integrating FOP with them,
because the current FOP is a PITA in such an environment.

Jeremias Maerki

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