Keiron Liddle wrote:
[avalon configuration vs. own data structures]
I don't know what to do. Do you?
Hm. So how do we proceed? Should I add defineFont/defineFontTriplet?
Any idea how to impove the status quo?

On other issue I forgot to mention is the caching, ie saving pages or other data during processing. For example the
with the TRANSIENT_STORE using in cocoon.
I don't think this kind of internals is exposed to the user.
It is part of the avalon service though that needs to come through the API.
At which point?
If the user doesn't use the processor from an Avalon container,
can we easily detect this situation and either create our own
container, or use some other, already existing object as the
container? Or even dump the service, causing excessive memory

Are the resolvers being used for multiple renderings then.
Potentially yes.

Still where will the base URL come from. It is likely to be supplied from an external place/context anyway.
This should be part of the general spec and the spec for the
default implementation. I'll add this to the wiki.


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