Jeremias Maerki wrote:
That was my original idea, to build FOP on Avalon, provide an
Avalon-based API (for advanced users and Cocoon) but have a standard
easy-to-use API that's not Avalon-based. Unfortunately, the Wiki page
currently doesn't reflect this.
No problem here: edit the proposal to reflect your views.
It's a wiki!

Avalon has a lot of benefits for us
This is exactly the problem with Avalon: it benefits the
developers. But does it benefit the *users* in a tangible manner
(other than getting the software earlier)? Exposing an Avalon-only
API *will* get us flames. Users don't want to step up another
learning curve. Particularly if the accumulated knowledge can't
be reused elsewhere. How many public projects are there beside
Cocoon which draw heavily from Avalon? I get 5 in the first 100
matches of a Google search (one of them, ironically, on savannah).
BTW type "avalon" and "framework" into Google for a surprise.


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