* Jeremias Maerki; <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> on 14 Feb, 2003 wrote:
Can't find original file.
No licence. Check with author.
Well, since I sent out the Turkish hyphenation file I should know where
it comes right. The trhyphen.tex is installed from the SuSE 8.1 distro
toganm@earth:~/hangar> rpm -qf /usr/share/texmf/tex/generic/hyphen/trhyph.tex tetex-beta.20020207-254

the trhyph.tex file has the following header

% A mechanically generated Turkish Hyphenation table for TeX,
% using the University of Washington diacritical coding
% developed by P. A. MacKay for the Ottoman Texts Project.
% Slightly modified by H. Turgut Uyar.

Turgut Uyar has the following addres based on "google search"

Would you like to contact him directly or do you want me to do so ?
Although I think you can explain the needs and requirements better than
I can


Togan Muftuoglu

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