Jeremias Maerki wrote:

> > I found a generic TeX distribution that came with my Red Hat
> (the relevant
> > files are installed into /usr/share/texmf/tex/generic/hyphen). I /think/
> > these are standard "generic" TeX files, which would be subject
> to Knuth's
> > license, which IMO is Apache-compatible. It seems like the best
> approach is
> > to start with these, & let contributors modify them as necessary. They
> > contain "do not change" caveats from Knuth, but after reading
> his various
> > papers on the subject, IMO, the purpose of this is to maintain TeX
> > compatibility among diverse systems. People are free to take
> his work as a
> > starting place, but you cannot use the name "TeX".
> I've tried to locate the sources you mentioned on the net, but haven't
> succeeded. Can you give us a URL?

I don't know where they are on the net, but I'll be happy to email them to
you. Or, if you have a Red Hat distribution, you might be able to find them

> > Also, if we build our own, we should credit Knuth & TeX, but
> also explicitly
> > reference the Apache license in the files, so that contributors
> know they
> > are contributing under that license.
> Well, that depends on the licence. We cannot just simply credit Knuth &
> TeX and apply the Apache licence. Jörg's analysis of the situation is
> pretty accurate IMO. This is a non-trivial matter.

Maybe I missed something in Joerg's analysis, or maybe I forgot to summarize
the Knuth/TeX license. Essentially, it is this: "Use this software for
anything that you wish, but don't modify it and call it TeX". In other
words, Knuth retains control over TeX, but has no objection to anyone taking
that code & starting another project with it -- he just doesn't want any
confusion over what is TeX. I agree that it is a non-trivial matter, and
that we need to respect everyone's rights, so if I have misunderstood
something, please set me straight. Otherwise, I think we really can simply
apply the Apache license to that work. The credits are simple courtesy. I
just think it is better to start with something that works, even if
incomplete, and have contributors add to it to make it complete, than to try
to mess with the other licenses.

Victor Mote

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