Esteemed feathery FOPpers,

BTW, congrats & stuff on the release! I just ran it, and it didn't give me an error! ;-)

Would you let us know which hyphenation files are included with FOP 0.20.5rc2? I think that would be useful information to include in the fop-dev & fop-user mailing lists for archival/searching purposes, and the only reference to what is included is en_GB. It might also be useful to include in the reply, the status of other hyphenation patterns (and links if they exist).

I checked out the current installation, and had a tough time finding info on Hyphenation. After doing a search on the fop-0.20.5rc2 directory, I found this file:


Is that example the sum total of the hyphenation stuff in FOP? Or was everything removed (Christian indicated "removal of some hyphenation patterns")? If it's there, then I couldn't find it. If it's not, then the RelNotes should read "most" hyphenation patterns...

Thanks for the great effort! It looks *great*!

Web Maestro Clay

Christian Geisert wrote:
Hi all,

the second Release Candidate for 0.20.5 is finally available at for downloading and testing.
(New download location - please use a mirror if possible)

It is planed to make the actual release on on february the 28th
if no serious bugs show up.

The changes from the previous release candidate includes some
bugfixes (marker handling, leader with page-citation, Jimi usage
and more) but also the removal of some hyphenation patterns due
to licensing reasons.

Changes since 0.20.4 include:

- Fixed link hotspot positioning
- Fixed multi-threading issues
- Added autoselecting  portrait/landscape on PCL Renderer
- Improved AWT Font-measuring/rendering
- Perfomance tuning
- Added support for CCITT Group 4 encoded TIFF files
- Dynamic JAI support
- Fixed problem with jpegs with icc profile and acrobat reader 5
- Added a fontBaseDir property
- TXTRenderer output encoding
- border-spacing support

For details see CHANGES file:
Please send feedback/bugreports to the mailing list or enter them
in Bugzilla.


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