On 19.02.2003 16:47:30 Clay Leeds wrote:
> Thanks for the quick response. Can this information be added to the 
> release notes and/or readme?

I'll put it on my todo list if nobody does it before I do.

> I see that en_GB.xml exists but what's the story on what I would assume 
> would be called en_US.xml (US English hyphenation patterns file)? Does 
> it exist? Is it missing due to licensing issues?

The removal of hyphenation files was exclusively triggered by licence
issues. We don't have an en_US.xml that we're confortble with ATM.

> Also, I've searched for filenames & "text" contents in my fop 
> installations (.4 & .5rc2) and I haven't found the hyphenation pattern 
> files. Where are they stored?

In the binary distribution they are in the hyph directory of fop.jar (in
"compiled" form). In the source distribution they are under src/hyph as
XML files.

> Jeremias Maerki wrote:
> > FOP version 0.20.5rc2 contains the following hyphenation files:
> > 
> > - en_GB.xml: British English
> > - es.xml: Spanish
> > - fi.xml: Finnish
> > - hu.xml: Hungarian
> > - it.xml: Italian
> > - pl.xml: Polish
> > 
> > Christian, I'm most uneasy about hu.xml. It's the only one that IMO
> > doesn't have an explicit statement that the file is in the public domain.
> > The original (?) file I found contained a notice about free distribution,
> > but our file doesn't contain a unambiguous reference to the original
> > file, so I must assume that the copyrights are not entirely clear.
> > Therefore, I am -1 (veto) on keeping that one for the moment. Does
> > anyone disagree?
> FWIW, I would agree. It should be relatively easy for users to download 
> the hyphenation files (especially if we provide a list with links! ;-). 
> I certainly don't think it's worth the risk to include files with 
> questionable licensing issues.

Jeremias Maerki

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