FOP version 0.20.5rc2 contains the following hyphenation files:

- en_GB.xml: British English
- es.xml: Spanish
- fi.xml: Finnish
- hu.xml: Hungarian
- it.xml: Italian
- pl.xml: Polish

Christian, I'm most uneasy about hu.xml. It's the only one that IMO
doesn't have an explicit statement that the file is in the public domain.
The original (?) file I found contained a notice about free distribution,
but our file doesn't contain a unambiguous reference to the original
file, so I must assume that the copyrights are not entirely clear.
Therefore, I am -1 (veto) on keeping that one for the moment. Does
anyone disagree?

On 18.02.2003 17:51:42 Clay Leeds wrote:
> Esteemed feathery FOPpers,
> BTW, congrats & stuff on the release! I just ran it, and it didn't give 
> me an error! ;-)
> Would you let us know which hyphenation files are included with FOP 
> 0.20.5rc2? I think that would be useful information to include in the 
> fop-dev & fop-user mailing lists for archival/searching purposes, and 
> the only reference to what is included is en_GB. It might also be useful 
> to include in the reply, the status of other hyphenation patterns (and 
> links if they exist).
> I checked out the current installation, and had a tough time finding 
> info on Hyphenation. After doing a search on the fop-0.20.5rc2 
> directory, I found this file:
>    fop-0.20.5rc2\examples\fo\basic\
> Is that example the sum total of the hyphenation stuff in FOP? Or was 
> everything removed (Christian indicated "removal of some hyphenation 
> patterns")? If it's there, then I couldn't find it. If it's not, then 
> the RelNotes should read "most" hyphenation patterns...
> Thanks for the great effort! It looks *great*!

Jeremias Maerki

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