I was looking at the FOP Limitations page, came to the conclusion that some of the FAQ-type questions could be resolved on the LIMITATIONS and/or Implemented page. A couple which come to mind are:

- Using page-number-citation for "Page x of n" using the  ol'
  <fo:page-number/> of <fo:page-number-citation ref-id="endofdoc"/>
  combined with a <fo:block id="endofdoc"/> at the end of the
  fo:region-body trick
- keep-together.* only works on fo:table-row
- padding="xpt" mainly applies to background-color for fo:block
  (or is it fo:table-cell I don't recall)

...there may be others, as well...

(correct my above assumptions if I'm wrong ;-)

I realize these answers are already answered in the FAQ, but the FAQ may be rather intimidating, weighing in at 91.26 KB (93453 bytes) of mostly text (with 30+ PageDowns at 1024x768, it was at first to me, anyway). If a FAQ relates directly to a limitation, it might make sense and be easier to find if it's on the limitations page. I'm not advocating making the Limitations and/or Implemented pages into 90K+ FAQ pages. Rather, I'm just trying to lighten the load of FAQs from fop-user (not to mention fop-dev ;-).

BTW, IIRC, fo:table requires table-layout="fixed". However, on the /fop/limitations.html example, it's missing that. I seem to recall *not* having that attribute in a table once, and it gave a warning to the effect that it was required and assumed table-layout="fixed" for me (FOP is such a nice chap!). Does FOP do that (assume the obvious, tell me about it, and slap my wrist) in other places as well?
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