Clay Leeds wrote:
- Using page-number-citation for "Page x of n" using the  ol'
  <fo:page-number/> of <fo:page-number-citation ref-id="endofdoc"/>
  combined with a <fo:block id="endofdoc"/> at the end of the
  fo:region-body trick
This is a FO trick, hardly anything related to limitations.

BTW, IIRC, fo:table requires table-layout="fixed". However, on the /fop/limitations.html example, it's missing that.
You'd be amazed how many known limitations are missing from
the limitations page:
- dropped Text if inline FOs fall near page boundaries
- dropped lines if inline images and other elements cause
  page breaks
- fo:inline is basically ineffective, can only be used as property
  holder like fo:wrapper
- fo:character lacks basically all features you'd want to use it for
- no proper vertical alignment in lines, most of the values aren't
- no handling of different font sizes within the same line
- linefeed-treatment not implemented
- whitespace-treatment not implemented
- improper line breaking
- improper hyphenation
- no implementation for the advanced hyphenation controls
- no reparenting for markers after retrival
- retrieve-marker-position only really works to
  first-starting-within-page and occasionally for
  last-ending-within-page, everything else is pure coincidence
- retrieval of wrong markers in case page rendering is deferred
- footnotes are not broken correctly
- footnotes don't mix well with multi-column layout
- leaders may be misaligned (even after the recent fixes)
- conditional spaces and borders are not implemented
- margins are not properly implemented
- forced page breaking is not properly implemented
- the space resolution algorithm mandated by the spec is not
- collapsed table borders are not properly implemented
- row spanning cells can cause interesting effects, use with care
This does not include the elements and properties well known
to be "not implemented"  as well as small bugs on the other end of
the spectrum, like referring to ids on table cell can cause NPEs.

Does FOP do that (assume the obvious, tell me about it, and slap my wrist) in other places as well?
Yes, sometimes.


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