Clay Leeds wrote:
I've found that occasionally text-align="center|right" doesn't always work the way I expect (often displacing the text by one or two  ).
If you have a space at the end of the text, like
     <fo:block >
the space will be appended to the line and cause misalignment for
centering and right alignment.
     <fo:block >REDUCTION</fo:block>
instead. The fo:inline works too, because then the whitespace after
the inline is somehow dropped. This is partly due to the "improper
line breaking" I quoted.
Mind you, the spec isn't really clear whether spaces at the end of
a block are dropped by default (the relevant part is probably the
"omit-at-line-break" trait which causes spaces to be stripped when
text breaks across lines, however, it is not really spelled out
whether the beginning and the end of a block have to be considered
a line break for this purpose too).

also, vertical-align and it's horizontal brother text-align appear to only be functional with text.
They should work for inline graphic too. A graphic is, unfortunately,
always aligned a bit odd (I think "top"), so you should only inline
images which are roughly of the line height or smaller. The only
values recognized for vertical-align are sub and super, everything
else from section 7.13 is completely ignored.

- no handling of different font sizes within the same line
 <fo:block font-size="10pt">foo <fo:wrapper font-size="30pt">bar

It seems like many/most of these would find a good home in the limitations page. So, what's keeping these jewels of information (which surely must be annoying the bejeebers out of some developers) out of the public eye?
Mainly because the list changes frequently and nobody cares
whether it is up to date. An outdated limitations list can be
even more annoying than none at all.
Also, long lists of feaures are better for publicity than long lists
of misfeatures. And most people wouldn't notice anything anyway, no
need to scare them away.


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