Hi crypto-guys!

I've just committed PDF encryption support by Patrick C. Lankswert to
the redesign. The bad message is that it doesn't work yet. I get blank
pages in Acrobat when enabled, although the PDF looks good when compared
with one generated by the maintenance branch. I guess that's the same
problem you had, Jörg? Well, and I haven't enabled encryption everywhere,
yet. That shouldn't be a problem right now, because I've extended the
stuff to be completely optional depending on the availability of JCE
and/or cryptographic algorithms necessary. No need for java-1.3/java-1.4
directories, which is actually strange if you have JCE installed on JDK
1.3. The stuff looks out for "javax.crypto.Cipher" to be present to
determine if JCE is available. A seperate check looks for the necessary
algorithms (RC4 and MD5).

My stuff is configured via the FOUserAgent which can now hold a
PDFEncryptionParams object containing the passwords and permissions. If
is null (default) no encryption happens.

I thought I just commit my stuff and we'll figure out what's wrong based
on that code. Better this than nothing. I'll continue my investigations
tomorrow. Maybe Patrick could have a look at the stuff. Maybe you finds

On 09.03.2003 23:44:27 J.Pietschmann wrote:
> Hi all,
> I tried to get PDF encryption into HEAD and failed.
> Most of the problem is that PDFXObject no longer has a reference
> to the PDFDocument, where the encryption object resides in the patch.
> I'm not sure how important this is, the encryption filter is
> different from the other filters: it takes the number+generation
> of something, however, at some instances it takes the number+gen
> from the XObject, at others (ICCStream) from the stream it is
> applied. I have not enough knowledge of PDF encryption to sort
> this out. Actually, I didn't try the code from the maintentance
> branch with an image (hint, hint: need GIF/BMP, JPG with ICC and
> EPS to test. Jeremias: this appears to be your speciality...).
> Any hints how to proceed?

Jeremias Maerki

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