Two possibilities:
- Subclass the PostScript renderer and try to find the right place for
  your special commands. You can then set the subclassed renderer in the
  Driver using setRenderer(Renderer).
- Post-process the generated file. If it's just a few leading and
  trailing comments, this is extremely easy. Open a new FileOutputStream,
  create a Writer on that stream, send your leading commands, pipe the
  whole PS file through to the OutputStream, then add trailing commands
  via the Writer and close the OutputStream.

I hope that helps.

On 21.03.2003 18:23:43 IvanLatysh wrote:
> We are using this kind of transformation:
> It works fine with no problem.
> And I need to embedd PCL command for duplex on PostScript printer.
> How can I do it ?

Jeremias Maerki

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