Hello, Jeremias!
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 JM> Immediately, if you download from CVS. Seriously, a release is still
 JM> some time away. We don't know when that will be. Depends on the help
 JM> we get and how much time we have to work on FOP. Maybe you should
 JM> have a look at the redesign and see what it can already do.
I will have a look.

For now, I changed PSRenderer and add method writeFeatures(), which simply write my 
It does fine with duplex.

 JM> Ah yes, this is bad. But I meant setRenderer(Renderer), not 
 JM> setRenderer(String). So instantiate your sublassed renderer yourself
 JM> and pass it to FOP. It will be assigned a logger.
This is a single method which have it :-)
We are using a custom FOPEmmiter for Saxon.
And emitter do not instantiate the Renderer, it simply reading a renderer class from 
XSL and pass it to the Driver.
For us, this is a best way to perform a transformation.

And thank you again for your help.
Yours sincerely, Ivan Latysh.

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