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1.) Generate multiple document types accurately.

2.) Generate a high number of very large documents in
a very short amount of time, with "high", "very
large", and "very short" taken to their mathematical

While there can be plenty of discussion of how best to
obtain #1 and #2, once it is determined that solution
A takes x seconds and solution B takes x + 2 seconds,
you tend to go with solution A.  So over the long
term, multiple layout strategies may not be needed.

What you say is true, but I think you missed one thing from your analysis: what if solution A took x seconds and B took x+2 seconds, but B had a greater level of compliance and produced better results than solution A?

Then you would want to give the users the choice between better results or performance. Which solution you choose would then depend on the requirements of the situation. I dont think you could just discard solution B because it is slower. You would try to work with A, but if the document was too complex to get good results with A, then the user could switch to using B


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