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> >From: Glen Mazza <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
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> >
> >1.) Generate multiple document types accurately.
> >
> >2.) Generate a high number of very large documents
> in
> >a very short amount of time, with "high", "very
> >large", and "very short" taken to their
> mathematical
> >limits.
> >
> >While there can be plenty of discussion of how best
> to
> >obtain #1 and #2, once it is determined that
> solution
> >A takes x seconds and solution B takes x + 2
> seconds,
> >you tend to go with solution A.  So over the long
> >term, multiple layout strategies may not be needed.
> >
> What you say is true, but I think you missed one
> thing from your analysis: 
> what if solution A took x seconds and B took x+2
> seconds, but B had a 
> greater level of compliance and produced better
> results than solution A?

No--that wasn't missed, except that I wasn't clear on
#1 when I said "accurate"--it also meant "compliant
with the spec".  In the case given above, if A is not
in compliance it would be tossed out to begin with. 
FOP must first be a reference implementation of the
XSL-FO standard (#1).

As for "producing better results" (after
compliance)--I would like to think the system designed
could be such that the renderers are user-pluggable
and -extensible--but my current knowledge of FOP is
not formed enough to comment intelligently on that. 
Back to studying...  ;)


> Then you would want to give the users the choice
> between better results or 
> performance. Which solution you choose would then
> depend on the requirements 
> of the situation. I dont think you could just
> discard solution B because it 
> is slower. You would try to work with A, but if the
> document was too complex 
> to get good results with A, then the user could
> switch to using B
> Chris
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