Clay Leeds wrote:

> Forgive my newbie-ness here, but I'm having problems figuring out how
> to send this [patch] in. I'm sending it here... Please enlighten me
> (gently ;-p) so that next time I'm doing it as efficiently as possible.
> Thanks!

Thanks for the patch. The instructions are here:

> The info for XPath is missing the fact that it's pretty much Windows IE
> 5+ only (requires MSXML 3.0). However, it's still a really useful tool!
> It'd be nice if it could be re-engineered to be cross-platform!

I modified (and applied) the patch to say something like "Requires Internet
Explorer 5+". IMO, comments like this are in a gray area -- if they do
change their product to be cross-platform, we're out-of-date. In spite of
the relative inconvenience to the user, it is almost better for them to find
this out by following the link.

Thanks for your continuing efforts to improve the doc.

Victor Mote

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