On 6/27/2003 10:33 AM, Victor Mote wrote:
The only problem I saw with the DIFF file was that it was not in "unified"
format, which helps the patch programs find the context more easily. On the
one that you submitted, it didn't matter because it was easier to
cut-and-paste than to run patch anyway. If you are using WinCVS, I know that
the newer versions have a checkbox on the diff page for "Unified diff",
which you will want to select.

I'm launching MacCvsX as we speak (I don't run WinCVS ;-p). I just checked and unfortunately, "Unified diff" is not an option. I thought I could run it from the command line if you give me the command to run, but nope, it won't work... I did a 'man cvs' and /Unified showed "Pattern not found". Any ideas? I think I'll just do my edits onesy, twosy and send you each edit separately. I doubt there'll be many. Any that happen to be "large" we'll probably have a discussion about on fop-dev in advance anyway, so you'll know it's coming.

Enhancement is fine, unless there is a specific category for Doc.

"Doc" is not an option in the "Severity" menu, but it is under the "Component" menu. I'll choose "Enhancement" instead of "minor" for Severity if that's what you prefer...

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