On 6/27/2003 12:35 PM, Victor Mote wrote:
Double-check the WinCVS MacCVS page to see if they have a later version. I
am actually running a beta version of WinCVS, and seeing no known problems.

I'm using MacCvsX (which appears to be different from MacCVS ;( ). It took a bit to get it running (mainly permissions issues), but it's working. If it's all the same to you, I'll keep using MacCvsX... (That's not to say I won't try to get MacCVS working, though).

Try 'man diff'. CVS is largely "just" a wrapper around RCS and diff, so you
should *generally* be able to use the diff doc.

Ahhh... --unified It looks like I can do it from the command line, now that I know a bit more how it works...

If MacCVS works like WinCVS, there is a command-line console available that
has CVS built into it, even if the OS doesn't have natively.

I saw a command-line utility when I was first playing around with it. I'm having trouble finding it again... I'll keep looking.

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