Clay Leeds wrote:
Unless I'm reading this wrong, this means the "headless" problem is directly related to AWT, and because Batik "uses AWT classes for rendering SVG" it is also indirectly affected. Am I correct? If so, should the "headless" FAQ really be in an AWT section, and the Batik section provide a reference to the AWT headless issue, rather than the current way it's shown?

This is silly, nobody will start the AWT renderer on a headless workstation. If you login via a text console and expect a window to pop up, you have already missed something important. Well, using the print renderer on a headless station, that's another thing. But not (yet) a FAQ but any stretch of imagination.

What other CLI args are there which aren't documented in the "help" which is displayed if you don't pass FOP the correct args?

The list both displayed by usage() as well as on the web site is complete, with respect to FOP options. It doesn't include the JVM args, which you have to get from elsewhere, and can't be set through the command scripts anyway.


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