On 7/1/2003 2:06 PM, J.Pietschmann wrote:
Running the print renderer in a headless environment works
the same way as running Batik, given the printer is installed
correctly (not quite trivial). This and any additional ideas
like creating PostScript and piping it to lp should be added
to a sort of user manual. The FAQ is, well, reserved for FAQs.
I actually culled most from the list last year. A few former
FAQs should be deprecated now and could be removed (less

A single PDF manual for FOP would really be nice... It might even be cool to just make a PDF with links to the other PDFs (I assume that the current "manual" is what comes in the build/site directory). What would it take to generate a single PDF of the FOP manual? Of course, it would be great it it had bookmarks, too. Would it be possible to make this happen by creating some sort of 'meta' xml file which somehow contains links to all of the sub-files? It could either be a single PDF file or it could be a multi-PDf file. Is there a better way to make it happen? Anyone? Anyone? ;-p

FWIW, I haven't begun any changes related to the AWT issue, as I'm not really sure where to start.
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