Clay Leeds wrote:

> A single PDF manual for FOP would really be nice... It might even be
> cool to just make a PDF with links to the other PDFs (I assume that the
> current "manual" is what comes in the build/site directory). What would
> it take to generate a single PDF of the FOP manual? Of course, it would
> be great it it had bookmarks, too. Would it be possible to make this
> happen by creating some sort of 'meta' xml file which somehow contains
> links to all of the sub-files? It could either be a single PDF file or
> it could be a multi-PDf file. Is there a better way to make it happen?
> Anyone? Anyone? ;-p

I actually had this working at one time in the pre-Forrest days, and in the
days before I was a committer, so I don't think it ever got committed. The
solution then was a target in the build.xml file, and it could still be
that, but it might make more sense to try to use Forrest/Cocoon instead, so
that the PDF can actually be placed on the web site for downloading. Forrest
uses the book.xml files for its structure, and you could use that, but it
seems pretty inflexible to me. IIRC, my previous solution was a stylesheet
that essentially imported the other documents. Cocoon seems to have been
made for this sort of thing. I think the solution I would probably try first
is to our Cocoon infrastructure, as it can do the XSLT (some are
non-standard, FAQ and Compliance for example), aggregate it, then FOP it.
I'm no expert on any of this, but I can probably help you. Also, eventually
two manuals would be nice, one for FOP users, another for FOP dev, design,
and alt-design.

Victor Mote

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