I don't feel strongly about this, but after trying to untangle some of the
relationships between classes and packages, and knowing that Glen is doing
more of the same, we may find it moderately useful to create a "parse"
package where classes like FOTreeBuilder (which needs to be renamed) and
FOInputHandler (formerly StructureHandler) can live. We have parsing which
is not related to FO Tree building, and it may be useful to have a place to
put that. Some of the apps classes Glen has been working on might fit there
as well (InputHandler, TraxInputHandler, XSLTInputHandler, and

Oops, I see that I now have duplicated the name FOInputHandler (one in apps,
one in fo). It doesn't cause any problems that I know of, but I will try to
fix it later today or tomorrow. Glen, what are your plans for
apps/FOInputHandler? Will it be going away or get renamed anyway? I have
been using "Handler" as related to SAX events, and it looks like we have it
also being used as I/O in a more raw form.

Victor Mote

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