--- Victor Mote <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Glen, what are your
> plans for
> apps/FOInputHandler? Will it be going away or get
> renamed anyway? I have
> been using "Handler" as related to SAX events, and
> it looks like we have it
> also being used as I/O in a more raw form.

Here's my thoughts on this (all seven of them!):

1) I'm not a big fan of the renaming because
StructureHandler is not used for all possible render
types.  Calling it FOInputHandler seems to imply that
it's used whenever you are requesting an FO Tree to be
built, i.e., always.  I didn't mind StructureHandler,
but maybe FormattedHandler is also OK.

2) I'm starting to like InputHandler's design quite a
bit.  I'm thinking of expanding InputHandler a bit to
hold all the document-related properties requested on
the command line in generating a document. In
particular, to hold these parameters (from

--Render Type
--Render Options (we just have one currently in CLO)
--Language (currently just used by AWTRenderer)
--Output File Name (just the file name, not the output
itself) (is null for AWT and AWTPrint render types)

3) AWTRenderer is our only "reentrant" renderer,
because it has a reload button.  Such a button is
currently only in use for the command-line
(nonembedded) operation (apps.AWTStarter activates

I'd like to come up with an overloaded constructor for
AWTRenderer that takes the above InputHandler. 
(embedded use will not use this, there will continue
to be no reload button.)  Hitting "Reload" will cause
the renderer to regenerate given the InputHandler. 
(Currently it has AWTStarter run itself again).  If I
can have AWTRenderer make the render request
itself--no guarantees yet--we won't need AWTStarter
anymore.  And with that, we won't need Starter nor
CommandLineStarter either--it can go into

4) I've found FOInputHandler to be fine.  It nicely
extends the above by adding an FOInputFile name as
well.  It creates an XSLFO Parser, an XMLReader

5) XSLTInputHandler and TraxInputHandler are synonym
classes with the former just wrapping the latter. 
Their difference from InputHandler is that (1) provide
an XML & XSL FO Parser combination in the form of a
XMLFilter (a subclass of XMLReader, I believe). and
(2) they have XSLT and XML file name member variables.

I would like to get rid of TraxInputHandler,
however--because it's less historically used between
the two and also its name is technology-dependent.

Hence, all the functionality of TraxInputHandler
moves, function by function, into XSLTInputHandler and
TraxInputHandler gets removed.

6) My perceptions may be wrong here, but there appears
to be *another*, new InputHandler option: 
DOMInputHandler!  Sitting in apache.fop.tools there is
a DocumentInputSource (1/2 of DOMInputHandler) and
DocumentReader (i.e., its XMLReader, the other 1/2). 
Coming up with DOMInputHandler combines these two
files and also simplifies Driver a bit (you can see
some of the render() functions there handle the
Document (DOM) and FO/XSLT cases differently, with
this change this *might* no longer be needed.)

7) I like keeping the parser with each type of
InputHandler because it keeps a lot of the processing
code independent of the specific InputHandler

(new function created on Sunday, in Driver):
public synchronized void render(InputHandler
throws FOPException {
   XMLReader parser = inputHandler.getParser();
   render(parser, inputHandler.getInputSource());

This code works the same for XSLTInputHandler and
FOInputHandler (and DOMInputHandler, if we come up
with it.)  We can avoid the "if this is the input, use
this parser; else if that is the input, use that
parser", etc.--type coding.  [Incidentally,
setParserFeatures() above may not be needed, it should
be internal to the getParser() function call; I'll
look into it.]

Comments welcome!


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