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FOP Developers:

I just committed a change (for the FO isolation work) that may have broken
my general rule of not changing the substance of what is going on in the
code. The fo/pagination/StaticContent stored a reference to a
StaticContentLayoutManager and returned that when one was needed, only
creating a new one if the stored one was null. Because the fo classes should
no longer see the layout classes, I removed the field, and simply make the
method return a new LM when one is needed. This may actually be OK, as this
is the behavior of most of the other methods that create LMs.


Hi Victor,

just a thought on this. The previous behaviour of the StaticContent LM that you describe above is like a singleton. Isnt the reason StaticContent LM is behaving like a singleton, because static content should only be laid out one time? It may not change behaviour if its laid out multiple times, but will it have a negative affect on performance?


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