Glen Mazza wrote:

> On another issue, Victor, *please* don't forget to
> fully qualify the import statements -- that's one of
> our coding conventions and very helpful in grokking
> code -- a "import org.apache.fop.apps.*;" was added
> last week in the

Well, it isn't a matter of forgetting. I know all about it, and there are
lots more than the one you point out. My IDE is doing this when it does its
nice move and rename refactorings. It is even adding them in classes where
they are not needed. I have also introduced many other checkstyle problems
along the way, mostly missing javadoc comments for new accessor methods,
etc. I'll fix them in batch mode when I can come up for air. If all of our
checkstyle problems were fixed, it would be easy to just run the report
before doing a commit and fix any that showed up. But there is no practical
way to do this with hundreds still out there.

Victor Mote

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