Sorry for the delay in response--failing a answer from
the other FOP committers--I'll look into the issue
this weekend.

In the meantime, as you say, the pdf transcoder needs
updating--can you send us the patch where Batik
changed (or the ViewCVS link if it was already done),
also to another transcoder that was updated as a
result of this change (ViewCVS also fine)?  I'll need
something to work from in order to update the code--I
don't know transcoderese.

As for this issue of handing the transcoder to Batik,
Jeremias/Keiron, (I believe) you're our PDF transcoder
experts--would it better for Apache users to have the
pdf transcoder moved off to Batik?  Our hands are full
on FOP.  Or, would it just reverse the problem (i.e.,
changes to FOP would force Batik to keep updating the
transcoder, *and* our changes are more frequent and
more complex than theirs?)


--- Thomas DeWeese <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
>     Sorry for the length of this note.
>     This note is to prepare people for an upcoming
> commit.
> I have modified the way the text bridge works to
> improve
> the performance of text.  I can provide the patch
> for
> current CVS to anyone who is interested.


> This brings me
> to my question.
> How would people feel about moving the PDFTranscoder
> and
> associated special purpose bridges to Batik?

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