--- Thomas DeWeese <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
>      Thanks, there isn't a huge rush but I wanted to
> make
> sure this wasn't a really bad time for you.

It's always a bad time! ;)

1.)  Please go ahead and commit the code on your side
right now--Gump will complain for the next couple of
days before the change is made on our side, however. 
But it's easiest for me to code against something
already made.

2.)  I'd love to hand off the transcoders to your team
on a silver platter--we have more than enough on our
hands--problem is that currently the internal code for
1.0 is changing many, many times--we would have to
keep working with you to get the code updated on your
side.  For the production side the problem is the code
is not very well encapsulated, you would be ripping
out & duplicating too much of the application.  Let's
hold this as a hopeful goal for 1.0 though, once it
stabilizes (and works!, which may be far off).

3.)  Be ready to answer questions I may have over the
next few days to fix the transcoders--on 0.20.x
production and 1.0 development.  (I suspect though,
the changes will turn out to be quite simple.)

4.)  Let us know when this change will appear in the
next beta release--we will update our library
distributed in production & development.


> I've attached the patch (hope it isn't too large),
> I'll
> commit it if it is easier for you (let me know). 
> For
> examples of the  type of changes you will need to
> make take
> a look at batik.gvt.font.AWTGVTGlyphVector.
>    All the aci.getAttribute(FOREGROUND) need to be
> fixed.  While some changes are needed in the
> PDFTranscoder
> (from a while ago actually - these aren't as severe
> and
> I will try and put togeather a patch for you). Most
> of these
> changes will be in the PDFTextPainter ( there may be
> other
> TextPainters that need updating in FOP as well).

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