I wish I could--production is a complete mess to work
with!  But what about Gump?  It will be complaining
each and every day about fop-maintenance (although it
won't care about fop-development once we update *it*.)
 Gump wants compliance with the latest library
versions--this is the problem Jeremias ran into last
June with the last Batik change, so he had to update
both maintenance & development.

If its 10/15 lines of code to change, I'll do it.  A
daily Gump error message will degenerate into Chinese
water torture for us.  (And anything that depends on
FOP maintenance will fail in Gump as well.) 


--- "J.Pietschmann" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Glen Mazza wrote:
> > next few days to fix the transcoders--on 0.20.x
> > production
> Skip this, it's not worth. We should finally
> concentrate
> on HEAD.
> J.PIetschmann

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